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What is art commission?

An art commission is an agreement between an artist and a client in which the artist creates artwork specifically for the client in exchange for payment.

Commissioning art is a fantastic way for both individuals and businesses to purchase the perfect piece of work for your individual needs, tailored to your unique taste, preferences and environment. With the right amount of communication and creativity, art commissions can be a powerful tool for bringing art to life.

The word “commission” can fill people with apprehension. It really shouldn’t. Commissioning art for your business is no more expensive or complicated than buying off the shelf, but it does mean you get exactly what you want, and that your finished art work fits your space perfectly; both physically and aesthetically. Plus it’s a really fun process!

art commission

We have a large number of artists who work to commission, from painters and photographers to sculptors and mural artists. manages the entire process and ensures you are kept up to date with progress and developments, from selecting a suitable artist to approving sketches and designs.

Our art commission team

We have an extensive network with artists, art organizations and art advisors from universities to carry out different art commission projects, ranging from simply paintings at home to art installation at high-end resorts.

Our artists are well-versed in many creative medias such as painting, sculpture, pottery, ceramic, metal, jewelry, textile, construction … and we are open to projects internationally.

tree house

A tree house’s project

tree house

A tree house’s project

How we work

To get started, simply drop us a message to [email protected] to share your idea. After that, there is the simple 4 step process we go through with you to commission art for your office or any of your space:

1. Site visit. Our art consultant will talk to you about what you are looking for, where the finished piece will go and your budget, as well as giving as much or as little advice as you wish.

2. Artist Selection. Based on these discussions, we will speak to a range of artists and ask them to suggest ideas for the finished piece. You will then select the artist you want to work with.

3. Regular Updates. We will send you images of the progress on your commission so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the process.

4. Delivery. Finally, we will deliver your completed commission, and also install it if you wish. For added peace of mind, in the highly unlikely event you are not completely satisfied, we will happily return the work to the artist and resolve any issues.

So there you have it, commissioning unique and dynamic art from talented artists for your office in 4 simple steps. By commissioning art, you can create unique pieces of art that reflect your personality and style. It can be a wonderful way to show your appreciation for an artist’s work while also giving you the chance to bring an entirely new and unique vision to life.

Special!! Only at Flamingo!

All of the commissioned works provided by Flamingo will come with their paired NFTs to serve as certificate of authenticity and tradable digital asset. This surely adds value to your artworks over a long period of time.

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