Nguyen Xuan Loc: In pursuit of aesthetics

nguyen xuan loc

Nguyen Xuan Loc is a talented artist who is part of the Mekong Art, a prestigious art club located in Ho Chi Minh City. As a member, he has access to an exclusive community of like-minded creatives and a wealth of resources to help him on his artistic journey.

Xuan Loc has the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from some of the most esteemed artists in the nation. By being part of the Mekong Art, he is able to showcase his unique visions and connect with the greater art world. Xuan Loc is part of a vibrant and ever-changing art scene, and his membership with this esteemed organization is sure to open up a world of possibilities.

His artwork is a delightful display of nature’s beauty. He is an artist of the landscape, creating stunning scenes of rolling hills, majestic forests, and serene lakes. His use of color and light create a sense of wonder and tranquility. Loc’s style is minimalistic, focusing on the details that make his work unique and captivating and his work invites viewers to take a journey into the wilderness, and to experience the magnificence of the natural world.

nguyen xuan loc

Nguyen Xuan Loc at a local exhibition which features paintings from Gloria Keh (a Singaporean artist)

Xuan Loc loves to bring joy to viewers. He is also an owner of an applied art firm, named ‘Thien Loc’, which specializes in elevating art in construction and decoration.

Some of his artworks

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Nguyenxuanloc-NXL004-Peace-70x90-OilOnCanvas-2017 Nguyenxuanloc-NXL003-Finding My Way-70x70-OilOnCanvas-2017 Nguyenxuanloc-NXL002-My Peaceful House-70x70-OilOnCanvas-2017 Nguyenxuanloc-NXL001-The White Pagoda-70x90-OilOnCanvas-2017

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